Preprimary years are of great importance in a Child’s life. First 6 years is significant for the development of the brain. Understanding that, we have designed a curriculum which can cater to the overall development of the child. The integrated approach blending the advantages of Kindergarten, Waldorf gives children the best learning outcomes. The integrated curriculum will be play based, child centric, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic aspects that are required for the development of the child.


Negating the conventional class-oriented approach, every student is considered as a separate entity to invent, innovate and initiate. Based on their own strengths and weaknesses, our teachers take every student to the next step engaging in their experiment. An environment is created for the students to put themselves that improve their academic, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. To impart top quality education, every class is provided with digital smart boards. The highly qualified teaching fraternities identify the inherent talent in every learner and ignite the creative potential to pursue and excel.

We are always open to devise methods that are interactive and spread wide over spectrum of topics. We aim to develop a sense of context and objectivity among the students for larger challengers.


Grades VI to X follow the guidelines given by CBSE. The core values of CBSE School Curriculum draw its strength, by keeping pace with the 21st century and the global trends of educational transformations

The Curriculum aims to:

  1. Enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential
  2. Promote capabilities related to goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning
  3. Develop thinking skills, problem solving and creativity
  4. Nurture communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Inculcate values
  6. Foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society
  7. Acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind
  8. Strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills
  9. Develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents

Senior Secondary

Vedanta Academy aims to build a strong foundation for Senior Secondary students to peruse higher learning specialization in their chosen stream with expert guidance from experienced faculties.

Objectives of the Curriculum:

  1. Achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence
  2. Enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential
  3. Promote life skills, goal setting, and lifelong learning
  4. Inculcate values and foster cultural learning and international understanding in an inter dependent society
  5. Acquire the ability to utilise technology and information for the betterment of humankind
  6. Strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills
  7. Develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents
  8. Promote physical fitness, health and well-being


We at Vedanta believe in upholding our mission statement in every step of the way by creating a safe and stress-free environment for our children, so that our young inquisitive learners could explore different possibilities in learning and emerge successful in all their endeavours. In that regard, we have proactively taken some initiatives to impart holistic development in our students and make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Our Initiatives include:


It is a learning tool that helps students study regularly and keeps pace with classroom learning. Through Kognify we believe that students will develop the practice of learning every day without feeling the pressure to do so.
Through Kognify, your child will get objective-type questions in the form of ‘Workouts’ in one or more subjects. Students can attempt these workouts at their own convenience at home using any internet-connected mobile or computer device.


It is an interesting initiative taken by the school to bring out the theatrical talent in our students, while in the process students will improve their social, cognitive and language skills and turn out to be more instinctive, creative and confident individuals. We have partnered with Crea-Shakthi which caters the processed drama as part of theatre in education.

Wings of Words

WOW is another important endeavour taken by the school to set a concrete base in learning, from PP1 to Grade 3.The school has partnered with Stones2Milestones, an organisation specialising in reading, to provide a complete reading ecosystem that serves the teachers, children and parents. Their reading-focused English curricula, Wings of Words, builds the child’s phonetic, vocabulary, visualisation and questioning abilities through age- appropriate stories and activities


The leader in Me is an international training program that the school has adopted this year to empower every student with the leadership and life skills they need to succeed in the 21 st century. By inculcating the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the school aims to bring about self-discipline in every child who would be able to model good behaviour at school and outside and create a change. At Vedanta, we want to prepare our students for success not just in academics, but in life as well. Hence, we have taken this initiative to create a strong school culture that is distinct and exemplary in its own right.

The Leader in Me program will be integrated with value education for children where students will experience the 7 habits of highly effective people through fun filled activities and more.


The School has collaborated with British Council to strengthen international liaison and gain global exposure in education to help students develop intercultural communicative competence and become global citizens.

How it is done: The school will be involved in a number of collaborative, curriculum based activities with other schools around the world to gain an international perspective to education and emulate the best practices in the best interest of our students.


Our students’ health and safety are of paramount importance, we have partnered with Apollo Shine, a student Health Initiative to ensure the wellbeing of all our students at school. We are one of the few select schools to sign an MOU with them since the first year of the school’s operation to provide medical assistance to students.

The students have access to world class health care services with a well- equipped infirmary and a trained and experienced nursing officer stationed on all working days of the school. As a part of the initiative, students are benefited by the Annual health check-up and awareness programs conducted by Apollo Shine for students and parents.

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